Who We Are

We are global science commmunicator
As a diverse team of science communicators from different parts of the world, we specialize in improving research visibility through innovative educating, curating, and interpreting

Our eye for marketing and science allows your discoveries to be amplified in the research world

What We Do

We Help Your Research Find A Voice
Research discoveries are stories waiting to be told. We are here to listen and build you a storyboard


Experience research through a new lens
Every blockbuster needs an exciting teaser, so does your research breakthrough
Make iestory your research teaser!

Plain language summary, graphical abstract, video abstract, and podcast, find them all in one place

Draw favorable interest of funders, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and researchers of different domains to your discoveries with iestory / your teaser



We Share Your Experience, Our Learning
Indulge in our pearls of insight on latest matters of the scholarly community as we pick the brains of the best talents in the field

Our contents are informative and easy-to-learn, designed to feed your intellect without you breaking a sweat



Journey With Us Towards Open Science
Journey with us as we bring to you more personalized content on science communication, research tools, and visibility-citation analytics

Empower yourself to make the world a better place alongside a rich research advocacy network


Our Clients

Research communities we have impacted
Well-versed with the research and publication industry, we have collaborated with a wide range of institutions

We dare say we don’t just delivery stellar results, we commit to building lasting relationships with our client
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