Graphical Abstract (GA)

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A graphical abstract is a concise, single-panel graphical story highlighting the novelty of the research
and aid content comprehension at one glance.

So what?

So, let us face reality; over 7,000 scholarly publications are produced daily, and we simply do not have the time
to read them all, not even just the abstracts. Researchers are seeking quick-fixes to identify the most relevant papers based on their research interests.

Dont believe us?

“Graphical Abstracts (GAs) are becoming common in academic publishing. Many journals allow authors to submit a GA
with new manuscripts, and some won’t even accept a new submission without them.” 
(Source :
SAGE Publishing)


When a Graphical Abstract is paired with our PLS,
your research will be easier to comprehend even by viewers of different disciplines.

Why are We Unique?

We are RESEARCHERS too, and we understand where the ATTENTION is.


Designed to create 'HEROES'...

We capture the essence of each scientific manuscript and convert it into a meaningful visual summary by emphasizing on the “Hero-Shot”. The “Hero-Shot” illustrates the novelty, and our ies Storyboard highlights key findings of your research in a single frame.


Gives your research a 'VOICE'...

We add value to your graphical abstract through relevant animation to intrigue corporate personnel and entice wider audiences of the scholarly community. A visual representation that brings the audience up to speed on the gist of your experiment at one glance.



A panel of 'ARTISTS'...

We don’t just design your graphical abstract; we perfect it by engaging a panel of scholars and designers to review the visual accuracy and design structure critically. And the Graphical Abstract is further fine-tuned to fit a wider artistic-acceptability of audience.


We are RESEARCHERS too...

As researchers, we empathize the hardships undergone by every researcher. Hence, we are here to support researchers by maximising the visibility of their research.


We understand where the ATTENTION is...

We understand what people are paying attention to. More importantly, we understand how to create digital content (based on a research) and present them in a context that matters to the public worldwide.

Impact on Clients

Average data based upon a 6-month outreach program conducted for one research paper.


% increase of social media engagement


% increase of highlight viewership


% increase of full-text download


Our GA eliminates all possible difficulties of understanding your research.


Our GA eliminate all possible difficulties of understanding your research

Sample of Work Done for Clients

A captivating Graphic is the reason people stop by to appreciate your work.

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  • Storyboard curation
  • Includes digitizing and enhancing the given research graphic into graphical abstract by publisher’s requirement
  • Single landing page for content hosting at iestory
  • Amendments up to 3 times


  • Includes everything in Basic
  • The given graphical abstract will be redesigned to highlight the novelty of the research
  • Dissemination across ies research’s social media platforms


Custom Quote
Custom Quote
  • Includes everything in Standard
  • Developing a full-fledged poster for conferences
  • Customizable animated graphics

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