Plain Language Summary (PLS)

– is not an abstract –

A plain language summary is a 300- to 450-word comprehensive research summary with minimal jargons
as journal submission supplement to assist the understanding of scholars of different disciplines.

So what?

So, even if the reader is not from a relevant background, he/she can still grasp the main points of a research
by simply taking a glance at the PLS.

Let us not forget

Research is meant to create impact, regardless of its immensity.
Hence, if a scholar or funder or policymaker finds it difficult to understand your work, it will lead you nowhere
(let alone impact).

A PLS can be understood by readers across DIFFERENT disciplines.

But an abstract can be understood ONLY by readers of the SAME discipline.

Why are We Unique?

We are RESEARCHERS too, and we understand where the ATTENTION is.


Is built from STORYBOARD...

Using our proprietary ies Storyboard, we narrate your research to fit your communication goals perfectly. The same storyboard can be repurposed for multiple content creations, such as podcasts, graphical abstractsvideo highlights, etc, and it can be linked to different impacts.


Relates to UN's SDGs...

We specialize in aligning your research objectives with United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals to cater to the readership of scholars of various disciplines. We emphasize on the measurable impact that your research brings to the realization of national and global well-being.


Engaging non-field specialists...

We aspire to encourage cross-disciplinary scholarly collaboration by providing the readers swift, easy-to-read access to the content review. To uphold the quality of work, we are working with a team of selected experts with vast experience in scholarly communication editorial.

Impact on Clients

Average data based upon a 6-month outreach program conducted for one research paper.


% increase of social media engagement


% increase of highlight viewership


% increase of full-text download


Our PLS draws WORLDWIDE attention to create WORLDWIDE reputation for clients.


… what makes us stand out …

Sample of Work Done for Clients

A well-done PLS is just like a crystal clear window to your research.

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  • A 300- to 450-word plain language summary
  • AI-assisted with human refinement by a team of science storywriting experts
  • Single landing page for content hosting at iestory
  • Amendments up to 3 times


  • Includes everything in Basic
  • Relates research with United Nation's SDG and impact
  • Dissemination across ies research’s social media platforms


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Custom Quote
  • Includes everything in Standard
  • Portfolio of multiple papers into SDG Impact Report
  • Customizable writing styles

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We are RESEARCHERS too...

As researchers, we empathize the hardships undergone by every researcher. Hence, we are here to support researchers by maximising the visibility of their research.


Our PLS takes ``PLAIN LANGUAGE`` seriously...

To ensure that our PLS is easy to be consumed, we translate each scientific publication into a brief, 450 words, digestible summary in plain language.


We understand where the ATTENTION is...

We understand what people are paying attention to. More importantly, we understand how to create digital content (based on a research) and present them in a context that matters to the public worldwide.