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A research impact story is a 1,200-word elaborate narrative of a scientific manuscript backed with impact evidence, and linkage to trending news that is supplemented with a 10- to 15-minute audiobook.

So what?

Despite relentless efforts in staging conferences or publishing reports, evidencing research impact is crucial,
and not limited, to securing new or renewal of research grants. Communicating the relevance, timeliness,
and benefits of research increases its acceptance among policymakers, practitioners, and funders.


“In a recent survey, 75% of people said they would choose to listen to an audiobook than read a textbook,
and 50% would choose to listen to audio than watch a video…” 
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Why are We Unique?

We are RESEARCHERS too, and we understand where the ATTENTION is.


Science Communication experts

Using the plain language summary produced from our proprietary ies Storyboard, our panel of multi-disciplined scholars employ an array of narrative and literary devices to transform your complex scientific paper into a story that appeals to wider audiences.


Professional voice-over artists

Based on our diligently-crafted research impact story, our team of expert voice-over artists with a pitch-perfect tone and style beautifully narrate your research story into an understandable and enjoyable audiobook.


Dissemination team

Our dedicated team of dissemination experts shares and promotes your research story to more than 26,000 listeners through our social media channels as well as all major audio sites like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, to name a few.


We are RESEARCHERS too...

As researchers, we empathize the hardships undergone by every researcher. Hence, we are here to support researchers by maximising the visibility of their research.


We understand where the ATTENTION is...

We understand what people are paying attention to. More importantly, we understand how to create digital content (based on a research) and present them in a context that matters to the public worldwide.

Impact on Clients

Average data based upon a 6-month outreach program conducted for one research paper.



Our GA eliminates all possible difficulties of understanding your research.


Our GA eliminate all possible difficulties of understanding your research

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  • Storyboard curation
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  • A 10-to 15-minute Podcast powered by SciPod
  • A 1,200-word research impact story written by a professional science writing team
  • A dedicated audio library page at SciPod
  • Dissemination to full audience of listeners at SciPod's social media platforms, website, and across all major audio platforms


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Custom Quote
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