Research Outreach Program

– social media is about SOCIOLOGY and PSYCHOLOGY
more than TECHNOLOGY-

Brian Solis

A 6-12 month outreach program that aims to improve visibility of research papers using social media platforms
such as Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, Weibo, etc., to reach targeted communities and prompt scholarly collaboration,
industrial engagement, and better impact.

So what?

Scholarly content being shared on social media is not uncommon; that’s where most audiences are today.
ies Research perfects research content dissemination via omnichannel marketing by engaging
various platform experts who genuinely understand the “Art of Social Media Optimization Strategy.”
By adapting ies Research’s very own storyboard, ies Storyboard, the content curated from a scientific paper
is customized based on dissemination platforms and shared to reach global audiences with various backgrounds.


“Social media is not only a way for authors and publishers to disseminate research findings, it’s also increasingly being used
by researchers to discover and read scientific content..”  
(Source :

Social media gives you more than one way to tell a story creatively, moving beyond the boundaries of traditional storytelling and traditional advertising

Why are We Unique?

We are RESEARCHERS too, and we understand where the ATTENTION is.


Scholarly Content Communication Specialist

 We are no conventional digital content marketers; we specialize in communicating scientific discoveries in dynamic and creative ways, using a diverse array of media tools. With an in-depth understanding of scholarly publications coupled with social media content creation mastery, we are able to deliver your research in a credible yet newsworthy manner.


Citation Analysis-based Audience Identification

We don’t just reach out to every Tom, Dick, and Harry; we conduct citation analysis to determine the relevant target groups by country, subject area, and keywords. Utilizing the powerful ads targeting function of digital marketing, we refine your content targets to a selected pool of audiences and track the engagements.

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Omnichannel Marketing-based Research Promotion

A single platform is not enough today to make a significant impact. A more holistic approach is needed in order to create the linkage among all of the advertising efforts and make your work known as widely as possible.


We are RESEARCHERS too...

As researchers, we empathize the hardships undergone by every researcher. Hence, we are here to support researchers by maximising the visibility of their research.


We understand where the ATTENTION is...

We understand what people are paying attention to. More importantly, we understand how to create digital content (based on a research) and present them in a context that matters to the public worldwide.

Impact on Clients

Average data based upon a 6-month outreach program conducted for one research paper.


% increase of social media engagement


% increase of highlight viewership


% increase of full-text download


Our GA eliminates all possible difficulties of understanding your research.


Our GA eliminate all possible difficulties of understanding your research

Sample of Postings Done for Clients

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